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Curriculum Goals and Objectives at a Glance

Children’s Learning Company in Bronx, NY, provides programs that will ensure your child’s skills will advance at each level and then serve as a foundation for subsequent learning at the following levels.


Our various levels are as follows:

My World for 2 Year Olds

My World is the mantra for the Children’s Learning Company’s increasingly independent two-year-old children. Our caring staff will guide your child in daily activities that enhances their language and socialization skills, incorporating children’s literature, music, colors and shapes, movement activities and art exploration. All activities are designed to meet the needs of your naturally curious and active two year old.

I Can Do It for 3 Year Olds

All parents know that the one phrase an increasingly independent three-year-old relates to is “I can do it.” This program promotes your child’s independence, imagination and creativity. Your three year and four years old is becoming interested in activities with structure, reading readiness, language and math in daily fun interactive activities. Your children are encouraged to speak in sentences, identify colors and shapes. They will begin to recognize individual letters and then introduced to writing the letters. I can do it program helps your child to put all his/her new skills together to promote a feeling of confidence.

I Am Ready for 4 & 5 Years

With I Am Ready, your four-year-old and five-year-old is on their way to a wide range of hands on educational structured activities and materials that promote reading readiness, language arts, math, science, social motor skills, creative arts and music. We emphasize on developing phonetic awareness, reading and writing skills, it’s an environment that promotes creative expression. It is our goal to instill the joy of learning and give your child the confidence to try new challenges.

Winter Program

From September to June, we utilize weekly lesson plans and engage children in a full academic program to prepare them for upcoming kindergarten classes and school-related programs.

Summer Program

From July to August, our lesson and teaching services offered during the summer months to children between the ages of 2 and 5. Our staff leads your child/children on creative adventures utilizing our Highscope curriculum and real work activities. We take a creative approach to teaching in the classroom and in outdoor venues, from traveling to local museums to spending the day at the Hall of Science. We encourage your child to discover the world around them and learn from it.

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