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Where Little People Do Big Things!

The Difference is our Commitment

Children’s Learning Company in Bronx, NY, is an early learning center with childcare. We began with an idea and a commitment. The idea is how to best combine learning and childcare. We look forward to providing your child with an exciting early childhood experience that will last a lifetime. We have found that there is a better way to care for a child, a more innovative way to teach and a higher standard to strive for.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy focuses on meeting the developmental needs of our children. Young children learn best in an environment that allows them to explore and discover by seeing, touching and hearing, letting them enjoy the learning process.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based upon the belief that children need to experience teacher-directed activities each day. Throughout the year, specific themes are introduced into your child’s classroom and divided into specific weekly topics and daily activities. At the same time, the attentive nurturing care your child receives from our staff will raise your comfort level and ensure your “peace of mind.”

Children’s Learning Company offers:

  • A private, in-house playground created and uniquely designed for safety, comfort and learning
  • Classrooms are open and carefully designed and decorated with eye appealing learning materials to support our curriculum as well as to excite and motivate your eager to learn child

  • Educational programs
  • Licensed teachers and qualified assistants
  • Small group sizes

Our Center Design

Our classrooms are opened areas which are designed for greater visibility and enhanced security. Each classroom is colorfully decorated with learning materials that support our curriculum. Our outside play areas are well-secured and the fixtures are just the right size. You trust us with your children and we know that there is nothing more precious to you in this world. This is a responsibility we take very seriously. Safety is a top priority. Plenty of secure exits, a free flowing floor plan, manual and electronic safety features. Children’s Learning Company facility is a safe place to play, work and learn. When it comes to your peace of mind, we strive for the highest possible standard.

Special Programs

We offer an array of special programs that are developed to give parents the flexibility that they require.

In developing these programs we have considered that working parents need schedules that work best with their working lives and in order to have a full year round program we have come up with special features to our center that allow children to be exposed to learning while engaging in fun activities.

Special programs:

  • Fun in the Sun is a fun-filled summer camp with arts and crafts, music, games and group trips.
  • New beginnings is an advanced educational program that is designed to grow with your children and give you a flexible pre-school schedule
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